17 Responses to “Sears Electric Fondue Pot”

  1. Allee Willis

    I love this because I’ve never seen a fondue pot that quite looked like this. I also love that it’s electric so you don’t have to deal with that annoying little flame that’s usually perched down at the bottom. It indeed looks like a flying saucer which is what the best kitchen appliances looked like back in the day.

    Some of the grease might come off the bottom metal in which case it would look even nicer but as long as it’s a fondue pot, especially one from Sears, it’s lookin’ good.

  2. denny

    Cool. Planet Joan is a pleasure to know. She is gifting me with a star burst pattern on a set of silverware! She’s the best. We have so much fun gabbing and love to compare notes on our husband’s tolerance for our love of kitsch. She was my first AWMOK.com recruit.

    • Allee Willis

      I know Planet Joan was your first recruit and I’m knocked out by everything she’s submitted so far: https://www.alleewillis.com/awmok/kitschenette/author/planet-joan/. If I ever make it out that way to share a pot of fondue with you for sure we’re stopping at her place on the way home from the airport.

      I have several sets of silverware with Starburst patterns. Dying to see which one she’s giving you. Are the handles all silver or is there some black on them?

    • Lita

      Hi, googled Sears fondue, and got your picts using yours. I just found mine at a sale today and it is exactly like yours but orange. I have no idea how to use it. I am wondering if you just plug it in, or do you put water in the base under the dipping cup? thanks for the help.

      • denny

        Lita, it’s quite easy to use. Put some water in the base of it, and whatever goo you want to fondue in goes in the little pot (watch it just melt!!), and plug it in, that’s it. Make sure you use cheese that is known to melt easily. I used Velveeta and served up turkey meatballs. Thanks for reminding me, I think it’s time to drag the fondue back out!

  3. denny

    It’s a total surprise. Don’t know yet. Will let you know! I tend to notice that kitsch collectors love to give and trade. Collecting kitsch almost reminds me how we would carry around little trade boxes when we were kids……..

  4. denny

    We are having turkey meatballs and cheese fondue this evening and I am NOT kidding. I even have Ernie as excited as I am over using the Sears Electric Fondue! Thanks again Joan!

    • Allee Willis

      Not so crazy about the turkey meatballs as I’m a purist when it comes to all things meatballs- beef, beef, BEEF – but am elated to think about this pot bubbling away. Take photos please!

    • Planet Joan

      I’m so glad it worked out for you. I hope you had a nice dinner with mabey some of your fabulous records playing in the background.

  5. denny

    I love my beef too! Ernie doesn’t. Dad and I picket on occasion and go whole hog with steaks, burgers etc. Ernie does the cooking and knows that nothing comes between me and my beef.

  6. denny

    Yes Joan, not hooked up for vinyl at the moment, so I put on the Ipod and selected my Ultra Lounge Series of albums. I took pics of the Fondue process and will forward them onto you! When are you at the store next? I’ll jet down…..I’ll do a video on my next visit to the shop!

  7. kookykitsch

    I love this item- cool looking and easy to use – really, what more can you ask for? The whole problem with fondue is that you’ve got to keep making sure the sterno is working otherwise the cheese gets all congealed and the bread gets lost in the gooey mess. If they started making these again I think fewer unused fondue sets would end up at garage sales!