Anime Pastry Characters from Japan

Submitted by Douglas Wood May 17th, 2010

I bought these affable looking wooden characters at a garage sale solely because the guy with the bread head made me laugh. After some Internet research (frantically Googling, “bread man,” “bread head,” “bread superhero,” etc.) I discovered these are two of the supporting characters from a popular Japanese anime cartoon series entitled, “Anpanman,” based on the books by Takaashi Yanase. Turns out their names are Breadheadman and Melonpanna (Melonpanna is apparently a round, sweet Japanese pastry). Each figure measures about 3 1/2″ in height. They’re made of wood and painted– their limbs are attached with strings so they flop around when you move them, but miraculously, they’re actually able to stand up straight on their own if their feet are placed with toes facing forward.

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