Bob & Maxine (with David) “THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE MYSTERY” LP

Submitted by denny May 19th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

What on earth? “of the mystery”? I about lost it with this one. What the hell is that guy doing? Looks like he is having a little moment here and is forgetting that he has someone performing with him.

4 Responses to “Bob & Maxine (with David) “THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE MYSTERY” LP”

  1. Allee Willis

    I love when singers pose for pictures and look like they’re each singing solos. I hope what they’re singing is a little snappier than their wardrobe.

    David gets excellent billing here. I wonder what he does for Bob and Maxine?

    Is this a cult dedicated to mystery? The Fellowship of the Mystery is a very clunky title. I can only hope that the songs, singing and musicianship are equally as clunky.

  2. Allee Willis

    Thank you for this most mysterious link of the Fellowship, Denny! I can’t listen right now as I’m jamming to get ready for a huge party here at the (physical) AWMoK in LA this Sunday but I look forward to blowing my ears out when I do.

  3. denny

    I’m jealous. (for not being able to come to the party). Have fun, take pics, and please let me know what tasty treats were served.