Atlantic City Vacation Beach Photos from 1966

Submitted by denny May 20th, 2010

Again, this is my family. My Mom is the one in the blue one piece bathing suit that looks as if it has white buttons on it. These were taken in 1966 and I was born in ’65. Mom was still looking good.Left to right: Mom, Grandma (from Tennessee), me, Cousin Johnny and Aunt Loretta.

l to r: Pop Pop (mom’s Dad), me, Mom, Little Johnny and then my Pop.

l to r: Cousin Johnny, then my Dad horsing around with Mom in the water. This has always been a favorite of mine.

10 Responses to “Atlantic City Vacation Beach Photos from 1966”

  1. Allee Willis

    Excellent bathing suit on mom! Taste runs in the family as her dad’s trunks are stellar as well. Also love that mom is the only gal posing in photo #1. Pop is built!

  2. Derybur

    OMG I went to Atlantic City every year when I was a kid! We saw the last show of Lenny the Wonder Horse! What a fab show it was! He jumped into that pool of water with even flinching! But, then again … how would I know when horse flinches? ha ha boy, do these photos bring back memories of summer of fun at the beach & boardwalk! Later in life… at the Casino’s! lol
    Great photos and I love the suits! What a well built family! Mine does not look anything like this! hahaha! Thanks for the memories!

    • Allee Willis

      I still to this day have never been to Atlantic City. I always heard about that horse though. Amazing that you were at the final show. And my family didn’t look like Denny’s either. They were much lumpier.

  3. denny

    I even knew at this young age how magical AC was, well, at least for me. I still remember old, art deco movie theaters there. I also remember going to this fab diner when we would arrive in AC. I’ve also been to every pier and rode every ride when I was a kid. Amazing times and I love ALL pics taken on the boardwalk. Doesn’t matter who it is, that boardwalk was like the yellow brick road to many vacationing families.

  4. Douglas Wood

    Great photos. Amazing how a few bathing suits can pinpoint the era almost to the exact year. I’ve never been to Atlantic City, or Coney Island, another place that always looked magical to me as a kid.

  5. denny

    Doug, I vividly remember everything about Atlantic City. Ladies were still carrying poodles around in their handbags.

  6. Sharon

    It’s such a wonderful movie! Denny you just have to see it! I had forgotten all about it until Doug mentioned it! Thanks Doug now, I am adding it to netflix as well! lol