Let’s do lunch

Submitted by Michael Ely May 20th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

Collection of lunchboxes.

First, I’m so excited to come across this site! What fun it is!!!

I have double the amount of lunchboxes as seen in this photo. They cover two entire walls in my home, and most contain their original thermoses, but don’t have enough room to display them all.

The denim-like box is called “Luggage Tweed” (from 1957, also came in tan and maroon). The Lassie-like box is called “Pets and Pals” (from 1961).

Yes, I have a handful of newer boxes, boxes that I think are fun or interesting. The cowgirl box is a rare Madonna box (from 2000, released in conjunction with the song Don’t Tell Me).

Will post more vintage boxes when I get a chance, including my favorite cowboy boxes (Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, Wagon Train, etc.).

7 Responses to “Let’s do lunch”

  1. Allee Willis

    To say that I want to see ALL your lunchboxes is an understatement! I’m very impressed that they cover two entire walls and that most of them have the thermoses inside. I never had room to display all of mine in one place and now really just have about 10 Disco lunchboxes out. I had about 100 vintage ones stored in cardboard boxes in a storage garage that flooded. They all survived but all are very rusty. That began my obsession with plastic storage boxes which all of them now live in and hopefully won’t deteriorate any more. Makes me sad every time I open it up though as I have some killers.

    Do you collect anything else besides lunchboxes? And are you still collecting lunchboxes?

  2. Michael Ely

    Sorry to hear about the garage flood. I can only image how upset you were.

    I myself no longer collect lunchboxes as they have become too expensive for my blood. I’m just happy with the collection I have, although I must admit there are a few I wish I had, the ones that got away.

    Yes, I collect lots of things: Vintage cowboy / restaurant china, vintage toys (dime store trinkets and fast food give-aways), Fiestaware (vintage and rare), vintage salt and pepper shakers, vintage record albums (including 78s), tiki mugs, view master 3-D reels, vintage auto (oil cans, hood ornaments, maps, keychains, etc.), vintage kitchen (coffee cans, milk bottles, egg cartons, embroidered flour sack towels, etc.), monopoly tokens (1930’s and up), vintage Mainzer cat post cards (cat dressed as people) and on and on!

    I’m so happy that I have a site where I can come and share my treasures and look at the treasures of others!!! Really and truly, this is an awesome site, so well put together. I will be spending a lot of time here.

    • Allee Willis

      Your response makes me very happy! I collect everything you do except for the last two- Monopoly tokens and Mainzer cat post cards. Am dying to see more of your stuff so please post away!

      And thanks for the kudos on the site!

  3. denny

    Hey Michael! I see your fitting in just fine here! Welcome! Your lunch boxes are mind blowing and seeing a display like this makes me green with kitsch envy! Nice post FOR SURE!

  4. MyFunCloset

    Fabulous collection. Thanks for sharing. I actually recognize a lunch box I had in the mid 50’s. It’s the plaid one on the top shelf.
    Sadly, Mom never saved it.