Beany Barnyard Craft

Submitted by sharon50s May 21st, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

I made this rooster as a craft during Brownie Scouts back in the 60s – also made a hen to complete the set but unfortunately she later succumbed to an attack of mealy bugs! For over 30 years the rooster and hen hung on the wall outside my dear Momma’s kitchen. When she passed away last year I brought them to my house. The hen was a “goner” but I rescued the rooster (minus only a few beans), sprayed him with another coat of shellac for protection, and proudly propped him up in my kitchen china cabinet – which holds just about everything BUT china. So here’s a, ready for his 15 minutes of fame…and hopefully a certifikate of kitschiness!

3 Responses to “Beany Barnyard Craft”

  1. Allee Willis

    Rudy has indeed earned a CertifiKitsch Of authenKitschity!! The array of foodstuffs that graces him is astounding. I’m especially impressed with the lima beans. No, wait. I think the toenails are really getting me. I’m sick we don’t have the matching hen to ponder over. I’m also wild about the treatment of your signature. Thank you for hanging Rudy the Rooster here. I certainly hope he enjoys much more than 15 minutes of fame.

    Of course, there already is a bean rooster here at AWMoK but he doesn’t have Rudy’s gorgeous pedicure:

  2. sharon50s

    Thanks! We did have an outline pattern (I think I may still have those somewhere – Mom was our troup leader and a real “crafty lady” LOL!) Hey, maybe if I find them I could make a NEW hen to replace the old one. We traced the pattern on to the unfinished wood board using carbon paper (do they make that anymore?!) and then start gluing on the beans – I seem to remember the pattern had writing in each section telling what kind of bean to use. And Allee, I agree – the toenails are fab! :)