Blue Barbra

Submitted by Michael Ely May 21st, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

This is a super rare radio station copy of Streisand’s second album (released in August 1963) on super, super rare blue vinyl (and in mint condition). Only one other Streisand album was ever released on color vinyl (“Color Me Barbra” which was released in 1966 on red vinyl for radio stations). The red is more common, the blue is very, very rare and difficult to find. Ain’t it pretty?

3 Responses to “Blue Barbra”

  1. Allee Willis

    Excellent! I don’t have anything like this but have a bunch of Streisand acetates a.k.a. test pressing as I wrote all the print ads and radio commercials for Stoney End when i worked at Columbia Records right out of college. I knew there were red CMB’s but have never see the blues!

  2. Michael Ely

    You wrote all of the print ads and radio commercials for Stoney End? As a Streisand fan, that gives me goose bumps!

    Oh Allee, I’ve been all over your site, read your bio, listened to your hit songs, watched your videos and I am in awe of you. What a fab and charmed life you have!

    If you ever find yourself in Tucson, let me be your tour guide. We have lots of kitsch buildings and great neon signs here.

    • Allee Willis

      I always hear that Tucson is packed full of stuff. Pleeeease take some photos around town of kitschified monuments, stores, front lawns, whatever. Location Kitsch is one of my favorite genres of kitsch. For a while we were getting great postings from Albertville, Ala. here. I screamed every time I opened a post up. It got as obscure as documenting the grocery store shelves, which were brilliant.

      I will for sure take you up in your offer to be tour guide should I make it to Tucson. I’m not known for my traveling proclivities but if anything is gonna get me out of LA it would be brilliant Kitsch.

      Thanks for the kudos. I’ll dig out out the Streisand test pressings and ads one of these days.