3 Responses to “Jelly Jar Drinking Glasses”

  1. Allee Willis

    Quite a set! I used to fanatically eat Welsh’s grape jelly so I could get full sets of the glasses, so much so that I’m still wild about grape jelly today and wish it was still packaged in usable glasses.

    The fact that you got all of these for free is fantastic. Were they all clustered there together in the dump? If so, there was probably a lot more kitchenware from whoever foolishly decided it was time for these to hit the dirt.

  2. denny

    See, what I do, is I linger at the dump store for at least an hour. People not only shop “free” but there is always a bit of traffic of people dropping things off and it’s like everyone pounces! It almost makes me feel funny, here I am cruising for kitsch at a dump store. It’s strange but so worth it. I found one glass, hung out, turned around and another one appeared, and so on……I call the workers there “dump elves”. It’s funny to watch these people do their thing. It can be quite a seen when things are being thrown around at a frenzied pace! I try to be non-confrontatioanl but one time I actually had an item in my hand and this lady just walked up and grabbed it from my clutches. I asked her “Are you kidding me”? It was quite comical.