Cooking with my Sears Electric Fondue Pot

Submitted by denny May 28th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

Okay, I had to do some convincing and I believe we bought the wrong cheese but it was still fun to eat the fondue way. Here are pics, some not so glamorous, of our fondue process.

I don’t know how Ernie puts up with me.

The end.

6 Responses to “Cooking with my Sears Electric Fondue Pot”

  1. Allee Willis

    Excellent documentation of actually in use. You know I love posts where someone does through photo documentation. The only thing missing though is the primary function of the fondue experience. I wanted to see the cheese dripping off of the little balls as you lifted them out of the bubbling fondue. So perhaps Ernie will indulge you in one more fondue meal so we can get that photo.

    Have you started collecting fondue forks yet? I see you have the de rigueur ones with the little colored tips so everyone knows whose fork is whose. There are beautiful bakolite ones out there too.

  2. denny

    Well, considering that my buttocks are also tattooed, I don’t think I could post that here on If I can black out certain parts, I would be happy to post! I’m covered from my shoulders down.