Bodacious, Blue-Eyed, Blue-Bootied, Bowling Ball Baby

Submitted by Douglas Wood June 3rd, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

My favorite element of this vintage figurine is the real safety pin that’s been slipped through the ceramic. I also like that the baby is bisque but the bowling ball has a really shiny metallic glaze. On the bottom is a sticker that reads, “Freeman-McFarlin Originals – El Monte, California.” It looks to me like the sort of thing you’d buy in the “gift” section of a drugstore or Woolworths for $1.50 in the fifties.

3 Responses to “Bodacious, Blue-Eyed, Blue-Bootied, Bowling Ball Baby”

  1. Allee Willis

    I owned this same baby at one time but, swear to God, it got smashed when one of my bowling balls, of which I have hundreds planted in my garden, rolled into it while I was rearranging memorabilia in storage boxes in my backyard. It was before I woke up to the fact that something like this wasn’t a tragedy but, rather, an incredible photo opportunity. Of course, I would have needed a great photo of it before it shattered and it being around 20 years ago was before I knew to photograph anything as soon as I brought it into the house. So it does my heart good to see this now.

    My favorite things about it were exactly what you mention; the shiny gold glaze on the bowling ball and the real safety pin through the diaper.

  2. Douglas Wood

    Allee– Poetic justice that your baby was rolled over and smashed by a bowling ball. I guess ‘ya live by the sword, ‘ya die by the sword.

    Lisa– B’s are better than baked banana bread.