7 Responses to “Beauty pageant contestant, Stacey Hedger, “Star Wars” trumpet”

  1. Allee Willis

    For anyone who has never seen this, this staggeringly kitschy virtuoso trumpet/dance performance of beauty contest contestant, Ms. Stacy Hedger, is an IMMEDIATE MUST VIEW. No words could ever express how UNBELIEVABLE this is. Thank you, ydnachuk, for placing it in front of my eyeballs once again.

  2. ydnachuk

    I’m so deeply honored to have been awarded the CertifiKitsch Of AuthenKitschity for submitting the Stacey Hedger Star Wars Trumpet beauty pageant video. (insert tears of overwhelming joy of a lifelong dream realized.)

    Apparently, it has been played on Jimmy Kimmel and ranks (and yes, I do mean “ranks”) as the #2 top viral video of all time. Some guy did his homework, and tracked her down. You’ll find out a little more info, including an audio interview with her at: