Toilet paper, phone & radio combo…

Submitted by MyFunCloset June 7th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

From a rummage sale yesterday morning. With camera in hand, I bring you all with me, but only snap the best stuff worthy of an Allee wink. A combination toilet paper dispensor, Telephone and AM/FM radio all in one. How many homes had a phone jack in the bathroom unless this is where one spent a good part of the day.

These days, I having more fun snapping than buying? My big purchase, a 1948 class ring, 10k gold for 50 cents.

2 Responses to “Toilet paper, phone & radio combo…”

  1. Allee Willis

    I have a huge collection of these though I don’t have this exact model. All of them still work. There are matching ones that were waterproof and meant to hang in the shower. I think these were genius for their day and way ahead of the curve in anticipating that people might want to see their entertainment in the bathroom as well as in the rest of the house.

    As far as having more fun snapping photos than buying the actual object I hear you. I started thrifting for real in 1972. The 50’s and 60’s stuff that I collected was so dirt cheap back then that I literally bought everything I saw. This continued every time I went to a thrift shop, swap meet or flea market and found anything cheap enough that was of a certain vintage. But when eBay launched in 1998 I found that it was very easy to collect the photos as opposed to buying the actual object. Unless it was really something that I LOVED and that was reasonably priced or that I needed extensive photos of so I could use it for my own purposes. Those were the only circumstances in which I’d actually buy something. Currently I get over a lot of my buying jones just by looking at the photos that you aKitschionados post.

  2. MyFunCloset

    I get just as much enjoyment snapping pictures and sharing, unless of course I MUST have it, but it’s gotta be cheap….really cheap for what it is. A recent find was an 1890’s, “White” sewing machine. The machine was shot but the iron base is now a wonderful table base with a slate & wood top.
    The sides suggest a woman’s shapely contour. That’s my $2.00 treasure, but it took 4 hours taking it apart and painting it black.