1966 Mustang Station Wagon

Submitted by Lisa Rios June 12th, 2010
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Isn’t that crazy?? A muscle car that even mom will love. This showed up at a lot by my house. I about crashed the car trying to get a look at the thing. Is that what I think it is? Yep. A vintage Mustang Station Wagon.

It looks to me like someone along the way put the top and back of another car onto this Mustang. I’ve seen that hatch before, I just can’t place it right now. It looks more modern then ’66. If I can think of what car normally has that hatch I’ll post it in the comments.

The guy at the lot told me that the original owner worked at Ford and that they made a few of these back in ’66. Could you hear me sneeze and utter a “b.s.” under my breath?? This has long been a rumor. You see, this is actually the 2nd Mustang Station Wagon that I’ve seen. The other one had a window in the back. It was supposedly a concept car made by Ford. Who knows if that’s true or not. If you Google “Mustang Station Wagon” a few photos of them pop up. All of them with windows in the back. They seem to be a bit of a mystery.

I’m embarrassed to say, I really want it. Isn’t it cool? If only I had an extra $9000 laying around.

6 Responses to “1966 Mustang Station Wagon”

  1. Allee Willis

    When I saw the first photo I thought for sure it was a custom car but the more I looked at it and the more I read your great description I realized I was looking at something so insanely rare and wonderful. I’ve never been particularly taken with Mustangs and I prefer a much lighter shade of pink but knowing that this was a concept car or whatever it was makes me swoon and I can appreciate Mustangs more. $9000 seems like beyond a steal if it’s in running order.

    • Lisa Rios

      Oh my! The Classique d’ Camembert award. I’m honored.

      I’ve also posted this to a Mustang blog that talks about these Station Wagons. I’ll update if I get any more info.

  2. Mark Milligan

    Very cool. The custom front bumper, air dam, and hood louvres along with the traction bars (look under the car just in front of the rear wheels) make me think it’s got some screamer of a power plant in there.

    Back in the day, if the car didn’t have windows in the back it was called a “panel wagon” as opposed to a “station wagon” that does have the windows, so one could consider this a very rare panel wagon as well.

    The dual exhaust/portals on this were stock in the ’66 “GT” model, and the shape of the windows on the doors leads me to believe it was modified from the fastback configuration because of the rake in the design, which would be consistent with a fastback, and of course the fastback had no other side windows like the coupe and convertible, so it would make sense that either the factory or someone after modified a fastback.

    Oddly I remember having fantasies of modifying a fastback mustang when I was a kid to make it a wagon, so I must not’ve been the only one that had the thought!

    I love this.

    Is this car in Southern California?

      • Mark Milligan

        I am just another car nut, but it seems pretty reasonable to me. Modified classics sometimes don’t bring as much as you’d think because the bulk of the buyers willing to pay higher prices are looking for either pristine original, or restorations that are “correct.” Then people are going to obviously be drawn to a factory built rarity first. As you know, if the car has an interesting history, it can bring more, like cars owned by famous people.

        What a head turner!

    • Lisa Rios

      The car is in Bandon Oregon. I hadn’t thought of the possibility of the original car being a fastback, but that makes sense. The car is an automatic, which surprised me. That means that even I could get in and drive it.

      This one is the only one I’ve ever seen that would be considered a “panel wagon”. The rest have the back windows. Here’s an interesting link about the Mustang Station Wagons:
      http://tinyurl.com/27blyuc I added this one to the bottom of the comments section.

      As far as I know the car is in perfect running order. Get in the car and turn the key. Vrrrrroooooommmmmm!