Classic RCA Victor Remote

Submitted by StoryTroy June 12th, 2010
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Back in college, I met ragtime pianist Max Morath, whose collection of vintage credit cards and charge plates got me to thinking “hmm, what could I collect that no one else does?” The answer came back loud and clear — vintage tv remotes!

Never mind the fact that I didn’t act on the thought until 2010 after reading an entry about ol’ Max in one of my composition books from back in the day.

Above, please note the gem of my burgeoning collection (just a half-dozen or so to start)… a classic RCA Victor remote. It’s got substantial heft, and the lovely brass and plastic casting is beautifully accented by the lucite channel and volume/on-off rocker buttons.

More remotes as they come!

One Response to “Classic RCA Victor Remote”

  1. Allee Willis

    I LOVE vintage TV remotes and have a small but fantastic collection of them as well. Now I’m hell-bent and determined to see all of them you have so far so please post one by one!The

    I always loved that little Cadillac emblem-like emblem. More than anything though I love the kerplunk sound that the buttons make as they sink into the metal and then spring back up against your finger.

    Not quite sure from the photo but it also looks like the remote’s that great light chocolate brown and gold color combo that a lot of mid century electronic gadgets had.