Balm Argenta hand Lotion Pillows Just Wonderful …

Submitted by kookykitsch June 13th, 2010

“Just Wonderful for pocket or purse…on a safari or in a subway…”

One Response to “Balm Argenta hand Lotion Pillows Just Wonderful …”

  1. Allee Willis

    I love little packs like this. I actually find them pretty annoying to use but I just love the feel of the packages themselves. I also love that this would be called a pillow. What’s pillow-like about it? I wouldn’t want to rub a pillow on my hands and the packets certainly aren’t big enough to lay your head down on. ” Just Wonderful” either way.

    When I used to throw my all girl “Night of the Living N√©glig√©e” pajama parties ( I found overstocks of hand lotion and something called Stress Relief in little packets that looked exactly like this with the same font. I bought 2000 of them and never found them again. I will be googling Argenta and ‘hand lotion pillows’ to see if I can replentish the stash.