5 Responses to “Faultless Rubber Company Colon Tube”

  1. Allee Willis

    It gives me great confidence that my Colon Tube would be made by a company called Faultless Rubber.

    This is packaged like it’s an automotive part but to the best of my knowledge autos don’t have intestinal tracts. Please don’t tell me this is actually used in medical procedures.

  2. denny

    We still use these on hospital units but in a much more modern, dignified and sophisticated way if that is possible to some people. A big bag of “wash” or “bowel cleanser” would hang above a paitents bed, a bedpan would be in place and then somewhere on the mechanism would be a little lever that would release the fluid in the bag which would end up causing one to release their bowels from pressure of course, into the waiting bed pan. We would always have to wear goggles, gowns, shoe protectors and masks. It’s an un-glamorous process and I don’t miss being a CNA for nothing!

  3. denny

    Oh my god! In all of that, I forgot to tell you that regardless of my story here, this IS, for sure, a great find! I would have purchased it!