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The Candy Man – Starring me

Submitted by denny June 14th, 2010
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I was in first or second grade when myself and the neighborhood girls entered this talent show. We performed Sammie Davis Junior’s “The Candy Man”. We came in second place. Look at Karen all the way to the left. Imagine her surprise when I posted it on her face book page considering her panties are showing in this shot. We are still in touch and have been friends since we were two. This was performed at an outside theater in Norristown’s Elmwood Park Zoo. Left to right: Karen Lunden, Janice Hunsicker and Beth Krasley.

4 Responses to “The Candy Man – Starring me”

  1. Allee Willis

    I LOVE that you were Sammy and not Frank or Dean. That song annoyed me so much but it was so huge and eventually wore me down enough that I started humming it constantly.

    What was in the tasty treats tray?

    I don’t see any panties showing…?

    I owned Sammy’s personal copies of the sheet music of “New York, New York” and “Mr. Bojangles”.

  2. denny

    I wish I could find the picture from the actual show. This was a run through. At the final performance (that makes me laugh), all the girls were dressed as candy.

    Karens Mom asked us all to contribute to the candy box. What ended up being in that box was penny candies from “Mariani’s” corner store. Swedish fish, squirrel nut zippers, wax bottles with liquid, now n’ laters etc…..

    If you had the picture in front front of you, you would be able to see Karen’s panties, I can.

    Mr. Bojangles, NY, NY!!! What i wouldn’t give to just touch that sheet music! Thanks for sharing that!

  3. denny

    Glad you like it! My Mom always tried to take her camera everywhere with her. Next time I am home, I’ll see if the other pics are there.