4 Responses to “cheetos lip balm”

  1. john switzer

    After hearing that BK was testmarketing a cologne that makes you smell like a hamburger…yes really,to promote sales. It was to be entitiled”flame” This pretty much opens the door wide to marketing flavors and smells that are ,well, unpleasant. Chester Chetto and I have a long running tif anyway.Who is he to claim the title “cheeziest” anyway?

  2. john switzer

    Hello Allee,

    More cheese, YES! Actually we both LOVE cheese.Don’t you? I would give it a try. Shit I’m not kissin anybody anyway.
    I bet S.F. could make something really cool with it.

    In a perfect world cheese would make one lose weight… anyway,
    I should lighten up on Chester. He does have the obligatory cryptic. Cool shades,cool threads, and attitude.

    As an afterthought,maybe the shades are to protect his eyes from that trademark color. nitro-orange. JS