Betty Dain Creations, INC – (a protective hair net)

Submitted by denny June 25th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

We were trying to figure this one out. My buddy here says that this was worn by ladies to keep the bugs away. I put it on myself to shoot but it looked too weird to post here. Use your imagination here!

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  1. Allee Willis

    I totally thought these were women’s panties when I first looked at it. My next guess was that it was a food cover. It’s about the most unattractive and completely noticeable hairnet I’ve ever seen. This is the only place on earth where that would count as extra points so certifiKitsch it is!

  2. MyFunCloset

    What could it possibly be? Well, if it’s sewn on 3 sides and a zipper on the 4th side, I thinking you put your “delicates” in it, zip it up and toss it into the washing machine. Well, time to google Betty Dain Creations.

    • MyFunCloset

      I just googled Betty Dain Creations. Beauty salon product site. The model shows it covering her entire head. No explanation given. Perhaps for Halloween or a bank hold-up. It’s called a”protective head hood” selling for $2.77. Mystery solved.

  3. Planet Joan

    I actually used to OWN one of these while I was enrolled in a modeling class at Sears department store, when I was a teenager. It was a requirement, because we were mostly modeling the Sears clothing, and the company didn’t want us getting makeup on the clothes. It might have been to protect our hair-do’s too.

    • Allee Willis

      Wow, I don’t suppose you have any photos of you with Betty Dain on your head do you? Or any photos from that modeling class at Sears at all? That sounds like too good of a kitsch dream to be true. What I don’t I don’t understand is how it would protect makeup from getting on clothes though. Does this thing go over your whole head (in which case I love it even more)?

      • Planet Joan

        Well, I don’t have any photos of me wearing the Betty Dain, but I know my Mother has a few of me accepting my certificate for attending the class. That photo is of me ON the slightly elevated runway in the Juniors department of Sears. They are currently in Louisiana, but I do visit, and will request them. I also had some teen portfolio pictures that are pretty amusing from the same class. The net fabric on the Betty Dain is pretty fine, and did protect the garments.

    • k2dtw

      This is great…would love to see any pictures that you saved. I remember Montgomery Ward taught a Teen Clinic as well..”Wendy Ward”…smile
      Great marketing, locally in Mi our beloved JL Hudson Dept Store (now Macy’s) taught a Hudson’s/Seventeen Magazine Charm Clinic in each store. It was a huge program that ran for years w/Seventeen Magazine.

      • Allee Willis

        I won a girdle once at either Montgomery Ward or Federals, can’t remember which, in Detroit for guessing the number of lima beans in the jar. Had nothing to do with modeling but much to do with holding your stomach in.

        • k2dtw

          A Girdle…LOL…wonder who dreamed up that give away..
          I dreamed I was a Songwriter in my Maidenform…but that was a Bra…I can’t remember the girdle ads??.. There was always something wonderful going on…It was such a great time for Department Stores, and I LOVED them..
          Did you shop Downtown…Northland???…or the Famous 7 Mile & Livernois…Avenue of Fashion???…smile

  4. denny

    Thank you Ginger for this fabulous post. To think, when I tried this on I looked like some sort of alien life form.