Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – Chili Dog Lighted Sign

Submitted by Allee Willis June 28th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

I love lighted signs. Most of the ones I collect are African-American from the 1950’s and 60’s but I also fall for big fat trouts popping out of picnic baskets, gushing motorized waterfalls and the blinking lights of a big metropolis. But my absolute favorite genre which I constantly stop myself from buying because I have no room to keep any more are lighted food signs, not the least of which is this one commemorating one of my all-time favorite snack foods, the chili dog.

I love Chili dogs.


This was consumed two months ago at Cupids Hot Dogs in Tarzana, CA, where the decor is just as good as the hot dogs.


There are also two outstanding specials offered at Cupid’s that I haven’t seen offered at very many other hot dog stands:


I don’t think Cupid’s uses Castleberry chili though, which is good as in 2007 many cans of Castleberry were recalled for possibly containing Botulism.


As I’m too lazy to cook my own anything this has not deterred me from enjoying a good hot dog stand-bought chili dog every now and then…


… especially if it comes in the form of a vintage lighted sign.


2 Responses to “Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – Chili Dog Lighted Sign”

  1. Mark Milligan

    It’s hard to beat a good chili dog. My friends Peter and Carole Rose Schlesinger took me to Pink’s about 15 years ago for my first visit, I guess I must not have hidden how much I liked it because they brought me a gallon of the stuff the next time they came to Colorado!
    That place in Tarzana looks like a visit is in order soon. mmmmm.