#1 Measure Boy Spoon Holder

Submitted by Nessa July 6th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

I didn’t buy this, though it wasn’t all that expensive…at that price I have a choice between one spoon holder or 6 or 8 planters, haha!

I like spoon holders, I don’t see them very often, though certainly tons of varieties existed. This is part of a whole set of nowadays politically incorrect “Chinaman” kitchen accessories… I think they came in various colors but I’m not sure about that. Yellow and green is definitely the most common in any case.

4 Responses to “#1 Measure Boy Spoon Holder”

  1. Allee Willis

    Despite the fact that I’m so not a cook I’ve always collected spoon holders. It’s really nice to find them with the original spoons, as these are in his right hand. Do you know what the red thing popping out of his left shoulder is? A scoop? It doesn’t look related to the plastics spoons so I’m thinking someone at the store just stuck it in there so it would look like a complete set. Whatever the case, this is a fantastic spoon holder.

    • Nessa

      I’m not sure, I think it’s a coffee scoop, like the kind that used to come in the can…it didn’t fit very well in that slot, and I had to futz with it for a while to get it to stand up and look decent before I managed to take this picture. I’m not sure what was supposed to go in that spot, scissors or something, maybe? More spoons?

  2. denny

    Nessa, this is definitely a fun item! I don’t cook either (Ernie does all of it) but that doesn’t stop me from appreciating anything kitsch that has to do with the kitchen!