5 Responses to “Batman 1960’s- The Shark!”

  1. Allee Willis

    I will always remain eternally faithful to the Batman TV series. I hated the movies, especially starting with the second one, when it got all dark and serious. I loved Batman for his kitschiness which was alive and well in absolutely every aspect of the show. I never saw him tangling with a shark before though so thank you very much for posting!

    • ydnachuk

      Thanks Allee! This now makes me a multi-certifikitsch winner!! The shark is indeed a classic. You could devote a whole wing in the kitsch museum, solely dedicated to the Batman series.

      Always loved when they were “scaling the wall” of an office building, and everyone from Sammy Davis, jr., to Zsa Zsa would pop out of a window and say hello. And the “wall scaling” looked so authentic, didn’t it?

  2. Douglas Wood

    Hilarious clip. It astounds me that when I watched this show as a kid, I was unaware that the show was kitschy. I had a similar reaction when, after many, many years, I saw the Mary Martin version of Peter Pan as an adult and realized Cyril Richard’s Captain Hook was flaming.

    • ydnachuk

      If it makes you feel any better, I think all of us who watched as kids were viewing it at face value and didn’t get the deeper brilliance of it’s obvious kitsch until years later. Don’t remember the Mary Martin Peter Pan too well at this point, but remeber having watched it. Didn’t know about Richard’s flaming Hook. Will have to check it out- maybe it’s on youtube.

  3. ydnachuk

    And notice that while Robin decides to climb down the ladder to hand batman the oceanic repellant bat spray, using the occasion to show off his cirque de soleil upside down trapeze maneuver, (when he could’ve just stepped down a few more rungs and handed it to him), no one is manning the helicopter to keep it from crashing… :>|)