Bowling Man Tacky Planter

Submitted by supah July 15th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

This guy kicked off my Tacky Planter collection. He was discovered on a site called “Kitschy Koo Vintage Collectibles” as I was searching for an atomic ashtray for my then-smoker mother-in-law and came home to live with me in June of 2002.

I call him the bowling man tacky planter. Long but accurate. I figure he must have been the prize given to some lucky bowler in the ’60s for having the most improved average in the league.

This is the photo that posted which got my heart a’pumpin’:

I fell in love with the little bowling man tacky planter. I guess you could say, he brought a uhaul on our first date because he’s been living with me ever since! More tacky planters to come your way soon!Humina! Humina! Look at that dashing youthful bowling man!

5 Responses to “Bowling Man Tacky Planter”

  1. Allee Willis

    He’s beautiful. I’ve seen lots of bowling planters and this is without question one of the most unique ones. Is there a year anywhere on it? It looks very 1940s or early 50s at the latest.

    I love when this occurs in vintage ceramics: The handpainting process goes so fast there’s no regard for what surfaces a particular color smears over. Hence the black top third of the bowler’s fingers and his yellow liver spotty neck and inside arms. Though nothing so glaring as the unattended paint drop on his left eyebrow.

    I also like that the name of the actual plant is “Black”.