Candle holder lions!

Submitted by MeshuggaMel July 16th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

On the bric-a-brac shelf in my parents kitchen there has always been a plump ceramic lion candle holder. I never really paid much attention to it; it was one of many interesting pieces. Well, then about two years ago, my wife Jessica happens upon a smaller version at a thrift shop. Here they are, united at last, among the tchotchkes. Besides these two, I’ve never seen another.

6 Responses to “Candle holder lions!”

  1. Allee Willis

    Perfect, perfect, perfect! They are sooooooooo 1960’s, from the color scheme to the ceramic finish to their insane round shape and happy little faces. Congratulations on being the first animal in the Petting Zoo!

    The AWMOK Jungle Animal Petting Zoo is a scenic attraction whose cages are currently being filled to coincide with the release of the upcoming Pomplamoose with Allee Willis “Jungle Animal” VideoSong and online music game and contest. Jungle tamer, AWMOK creator, curator and charming hostess, Allee Willis, me, will be steadily leading jungle animals to their cages over the next 1-2 months or so as you bring them here until the song is released. If ever there ever was a category that was primed to be kitschified it’s that of “Jungle Animal” as all the stripes, spots and fur have been inspiration for designers since the beginning of time. I thank you all in advance for placing your jungle pets in such an illustrious cage as The Allee Willis Museum of Kitsch. Keep them coming!