“Dyna Amp 450” Homemade 1970s Amplifier

Submitted by Ryaan2000 July 18th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

Rarely do you see kitsch electronics like this, especially amplifiers! This is a vintage 1970s transistorized amplifier. Notice that there’s no power cord and that there’s a (really cheap and low quality) microphone hard wired into it. When I opened this up I discovered that someone used a sort of “build it yourself” kit for this amp, as the original assembly instructions were inside, as well as a few knobs (seems like this amp is hiding some additional features). The project was never finished. All that remains is an amplifier case with half-assembled electronics inside it. This is such a great thing and I think I’m going to finish it up! (ie add a power supply, chop off that cheap microphone, and add 1/4″ input).

Check out the pattern on the back! Did I mention that the amplifier’s casing is made of a thick cardboard-like material? I think that that adds a little more to it’s kitsch factor. The whole “optical illusion” back has a faux leather finish to it. This is such a great object, and even though I have an amplifier I can’t resist fixing this one up!

5 Responses to ““Dyna Amp 450” Homemade 1970s Amplifier”

  1. Allee Willis

    Gorgeous! I would’ve snapped this up in a second if I saw it. I love vintage equipment and buy stuff even if it doesn’t work as somewhere along the line someone’s going to know how to tweak it. So I agree you should definitely fix it up. Do play guitar?

    Excellent cross of mod and psychedelic influences. The font is perfect too.

    Would love to know the measurements. And is there a compartment to hold the mic?

    • Ryaan2000

      Dimensions of the amp are 10 1/4″ by 12 1/2″ by 3″ so it’s not very big at all.

      I actually play synthesizers, I LOVE analog ones. I also play ukulele but that’s another story…

      There’s no compartment to hold the mic. It’s one of the reasons that I’m getting rid of that part. The other reason is that it’s top half is broken off (it’s hard to see in the pic).

      • Allee Willis

        Getting rid of which part? Where the mic cord goes in? That’s one of the most kitschy things about it. What about leaving that and just putting another mic input in the back and adding some sort of clip on the side that the original mic slips into?

        • Ryaan2000

          I was thinking of removing the mic, and just taking the acutal hole that the cord comes out of and making that into an input. I could also do what you suggested. It all depends on if the original microphone works when I hook up power to this amp. If the original microphone works I’ll leave it, add a clip for it, and just add another input to the back.