“When-a da monkey-a die, ev-erybody gonna cry”

Submitted by Douglas Wood July 19th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

This is a Jim Beam (James B. Beam) heavy glass bottle of liquor commemorating the Paramount Pictures release of the Dino De Laurentiis remake of KING KONG in 1976. The bottle was made by the Regal China Corporation and is full, though it’s never been opened as I didn’t want to break the paper seal that’s been glued onto it that reads, “U.S. Internal Revenue Tax Paid – Distilled Spirits.” The quote up above is attributed to producer Dino De Laurentiis before the movie came out.

One Response to ““When-a da monkey-a die, ev-erybody gonna cry””

  1. Allee Willis


    It always amazes me how incredible liquor bottle designs are. And this one commemorating the remake of King Kong, a movie I thought was horrendous, is a treasure indeed. I remember sitting in the audience thinking that this new actress named Jessica Lange had absolutely no future…! One way or another, I like the liquor bottle way more than I did the movie.