Jungle Outfit

Submitted by Mark Blackwell July 22nd, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

I found this jungle gem many years ago in a thrift shop in Detroit – matching pants and jacket featuring a happy giraffe and a hiding tiger (adorned with glittery silver and gold) and furry tiger stripe pocket trim. Perhaps the most interesting thing about the outfit is that two of the pockets are mysteriously (and rather inconveniently) located at the very bottom of the pants legs.

3 Responses to “Jungle Outfit”

  1. Allee Willis

    GORGEOUS!!! Wow, what an outfit. And even better that it comes from Detroit, home of the Tigers.

    What kind of material is it? Do you wear it?

    The pockets are insane. Why locate them at the bottom of the pants?! Things are bound to fall out and ankles are bound to get bruised from keys and such knocking against them

    The outfit is a knockout and I hope to see a photo of you in it.

    What were you doing in Detroit?

    Is the top a shirt or jacket?

    (The AWMOK Jungle Animal Petting Zoo is a scenic attraction whose cages are currently being filled to coincide with the release of the upcoming Pomplamoose with Allee Willis “Jungle Animal” VideoSong and online music game and contest. Jungle tamer, AWMOK creator, curator and charming hostess, Allee Willis, me, will be steadily leading jungle animals to their cages over the next 1-2 months or so as you bring them here until the song is released. If ever there ever was a category that was primed to be kitschified it’s that of “Jungle Animal” as all the stripes, spots and fur have been inspiration for designers since the beginning of time. I thank you all in advance for placing your jungle pets in such an illustrious cage as The Allee Willis Museum of Kitsch. Keep them coming!)

  2. Mark Blackwell

    thanks, yes, i guess the top part is technically a shirt, but i often wear it as a jacket. the pants were way too small from the very beginning, but i had to get ’em anyway, naturally, to maintain the integrity of the complete jungle outfit. perhaps i need to see about letting them out.

    i’m not sure what kind of material it is – there are no tags of any kind remaining, but it seems like full-on cotton, kinda thick (almost denim-esque), not at all slippery like it has any (or much) polyester involved.

    yes, i am baffled about the ankle-pockets – never seen that before and can’t think of any logical strategy behind it other than sheer kitschy decoration.

    i was in detroit visiting a few friends there, early-90s this particular trip – and of course i always like to explore a thrift shop or two when i’m traveling anywhere…can’t remember the name of the store…