Owl Bank

Submitted by Carrie July 25th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

Purchased in a “lot” of papier mache banks on eBay many years ago, this wild-eyed owl is about 6″ tall (including his hat). Besides the colors (love them!) my favorite part has to be that fab bowler hat!

The bottom is marked © (something illegible) – 1967 JAPAN

5 Responses to “Owl Bank”

    • Carrie

      Unfortunately, that’s about it! I have a few more, but these (along with my tiger bank posted earlier) are the cream of the crop. I have lots of small collections of things that catch my eye – the only massive collection I have is my flower pins.

  1. Mooshe

    Dinner plate eyes and a top hat? Yes please! I’m so tired of boring owls, there are so many ways to take an owl design so far down this path everybody should be taking the opportunity.

  2. Lisa Rios

    This and the watermelon bank are so wonderful. So evocative of the 60’s. I wish I had them both in my house. I better start looking up paper machete banks on Ebay.