Soft As A Grape – Ladies Boutique in Chatham on Cape Cod

Submitted by denny July 29th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

Hokey named stores like this make me break out into a rash. I may photograph them but I usually don’t step one foot inside of them. I just don’t get the name.

2 Responses to “Soft As A Grape – Ladies Boutique in Chatham on Cape Cod”

  1. Allee Willis

    This is as good as it gets for one of my favorite genres of kitsch – sappy store names. But towering above greats like The Quail & Thistle and The Cultured Oyster clothing boutiques is Soft As a Grape! What’s soft as a grape about some of the merchandise in those windows? What’s the significance of the name? is it in any way related to the shark sighted sign in the window? Is there an ocean inside the store? A grapevine? I’m praying for large grape murals on the wall but I’m afraid the name might just be hanging there by its lonely self, accompanied by nothing other than kitsch.

  2. denny

    Cape Cod is full of these stores with insane names! My personal favorite are “Kream n’ Kone” and “Sub n’ Cone”.