Pedal, Boris. Russian pedal cars.

Submitted by Markydoodle July 31st, 2010
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Who among wouldn’t want to see a scary cartoon cat pedaling around the showroom floor when our communist parents were buying Moskvitz autos in 1960’s Russia?

I find interesting the design aspect of cars, but something tells me I wouldn’t have been as passionate about some of the Russian models as I was the home team iron. Sadly, I think this little guy is actually mourning a fallen cosmonaut.

And what’s with them looking like an early 50’s Studebaker?

Possible dissident. The hat gives it away.

Looks like they may be headed for the (Neutron) Dance. Pedal, Boris, pedal.

6 Responses to “Pedal, Boris. Russian pedal cars.”

  1. Allee Willis

    Those are some of the best pedal cars I’ve ever seen. I would kill for that Studebaker. I have a ’55 Stude Commander but I’ve always wanted a bullet nose. A pedal car version will do.

    I do have a few other pedal cars. One sits on the roof of my office. It’s a late 50’s design but no particular brand.

    I really love the two seater vehicle in the bottom photo. Would only like it better if it had been a woody. And I love her little outfit too. Perfect for taking a drive on the chilly Russian countryside

  2. Mark Milligan

    So people can see how close their pedal car design is to a ’50 Studebaker, I’ll send a picture of the actual car from an ad.

  3. windupkitty

    wow, waht a wonderful post….these really are just amazing..the studebaker brings tears to my eyes….wow, maybe i should just start making these for adults…it would be so much cheaper than trying to collect and restore classics…..and good exercise too…..have to build them narrow enough to fit in a bike lane, though :)

  4. Mark Milligan

    Thank you! I don’t live in Los Angeles, but visit the great city frequently. The 110 freeway going through downtown L.A. is always so busy, but it was closed once, and there’s talk about closing it again for a bicycle ride down it on a Sunday morning.
    Your comments made me think that adult sized pedal cars churning down the freeway would be a sight to behold!

  5. denny

    These are absolutely incredible. I had a pedal car when I was younger, it was orange and I drove/rode that thing til it fell apart. Great post!