Found Object Lamp

Submitted by Michael Ely August 1st, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner
This is a found object / steampunk-type lamp made by Tucson artist friend, Lane Patterson. The base of the lamp is fashioned out of old metal gears and various parts, and the two-tier shade is made out of mesh screen. The round center piece is a thermostatic switch which houses a nest of gages and gears and a vial of mercury under a glass panel (it has an embossed patent date on the rim – Nov. 28th 1871). Lane wired a little red Christmas bulb inside the center piece and gave the lamp a 3-way light switch so you can light just the center, or the top, or both. One of my favorite things about the lamp, when it is fully lit, is the way in which it throws beautiful designs and colors on the surrounding walls. It is gorgeous.

5 Responses to “Found Object Lamp”

  1. Allee Willis

    Beautiful! Having grown up with a scrap dealer father I’m always going to love things like this.

    Really great that you can just light the center and have a choice of three light locations. Fantastic that it also throws incredible patterns and colors on the wall. That’s one of my favorite things about lamps when well placed.

    It must weigh a ton. How heavy do you think it is?

    • Michael Ely

      I weighed it on a bathroom scale and it weighs aprox. 10 pounds. Some of Lane Patterson’s other metal lamps weigh as much as 20 or more pounds (depending on the materials he uses). Right now Lane is doing a commission job for a tavern / restaurant in Albuquerque creating a set of 12 lighting fixures made of old New Mexico license plates! He is very inventive and one of my fave artists here in Tucson, plus a good friend. To see more of his fantastic lamps and sculptures check out this link –

  2. k2dtw

    Michael, this is a great post. I’m new to steampunk… but I just love found objects art/artist. I especially love the found object robots.