7 Responses to “It’s a red heel sock jungle out there…”

  1. Allee Willis

    I absolutely love the sock monkeys and this one is so great because it’s the real vintage thing. It also has a little pom-pom bellybutton whereas most of them are nude.

    It’s so great that your friend kept her toys. I wish I could’ve imposed that rule as a kid.

    This sock monkey has an incredibly happy and serene smile.

  2. Rachel

    OmG, I never knew about the Elephant! I have got to find somebody to make me one. LOL I have several sock monkeys.

    I saw the coolest one in a window of a Tattoo shop in Olympia Washington that had 8 legs. It was a ….wait for it….

    Spider Monkey! Is that something I could upload to the museum? I I think I have a fairly decent shot of it. But it is pretty funny.
    Sock monkey love…..

  3. Rachel


    I will see if I can dig up the picture in the next few days. :) Thansk Allee. I read the blog email everyday without fail. These are my first posts here though. I LOVE getting your emails. Especially today’s!

    • Allee Willis

      Oh, well, welcome aboard, Rachel! Don’t be shy about posting here and definitely don’t be shy about leaving comments. That’s the nature of AWMOK; the kitsch that people submit is here more to start conversations than to just sit on the shelves so people can look at it. I.e. it’s more of a playground than a museum so hope to see you around!!