Dr Ben Casey…with postage due

Submitted by MyFunCloset August 10th, 2010
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Today’s adventure sale includes a gal who wrote to Hollywood stars in the 1960’s. With camera in hand, I snapped a small portion of the autographed photos. My favorite is Vince Edwards, aka Dr. Ben Casey’s fan postcard, with a preprinted message and 4 cents postage due.

Way too serious. In fact, I don’t remember him smiling much.

Some are actually signed in ink, but by who?

I arrived late. I understand there was so much that sold.

3 Responses to “Dr Ben Casey…with postage due”

  1. Allee Willis

    What an incredible collection! If this is an indication of what was at the sale before you got there I’m weeping at what got away!

    OMG! I would have had a heart attack if I received this Ben Casey postcard as a teenager as obsessed as I was with him. I think I’ve told the story of being at the Playboy Mansion for New Year’s Eve in 1991 and as everyone else was screaming ‘Happy New Year!’ at the stroke of midnight I was screaming “OMG BEN CASEY!!!” as I turned to find Vince Edwards standing right next to me.

    I know that Casey photo well. They used it on a lot of Ben Casey memorabilia.

    So perfect that the PR department was too cheap to slap postage on.

  2. MyFunCloset

    I knew your heart went pitter pat for Dr. Ben. When I saw this…and with postage due too, I knew it was A+ material.
    Seems this wife adored the show biz world and made up scrap books and sent away glossies for decades. I got an 8 x 10 of Fred Astaire for free when I returned at the very last hour of the sale. All the photos above were gone.
    Love your memories of Dr Ben! Did you at least talk to him?
    Did he still have IT?

    • Allee Willis

      Vince Edwards didn’t still have IT but I still had IT for Ben Casey and it was NEW YEARS EVE and we were at the PLAYBOY MANSION and I turned around to see him EXACTLY as everyone yelled ‚ÄúHappy New Year‚Äù so I took it as kismet.

      Too bad all the photos were gone… Were you going back to buy them?