Kitchen Set

Submitted by ginger August 11th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

This is a fun little set. It does everything it says it does. The foods included are whole eggs, meat patties, hot dogs, potstickers(!), bell pepper, fried eggs, little white squares that I think might be tofu, and a carrot, which, sadly, is now missing, salt & pepper, gold sauce. There are also a frying pan, sauce pan, teapot, cooking utensils, plates, silverware and glasses. Oh, and there’s also 969 Cleaner!

11 Responses to “Kitchen Set”

  1. Allee Willis

    I love little sets like this, off brands, made in the Orient, cheap and uber complete. So great that all the food is included. I love the mix of hot dogs and tofu. I really love that the drying rack is also included with the dishes and silverware.

    I wonder if gold sauce and 969 cleaner are big in Taiwan?

    What do the little red latches on the front of the counter do?

    Do you know what year this was made?

  2. ginger

    The little red latches are for turning on the smoke and water. The oven door is where the batteries go. It’s from 1985, by Trans Toys, a division of Seamar Industries, Inc. in the City of Industry, CA. Made in Taiwan.

  3. ginger

    There’s a spout on the side where you pour water, and there’s a place where you pour a drop of oil (included) to make it smoke.

  4. Planet Joan

    I love your kitchen set. My sister used to have a Deluxe Dream Kitchen Set when she was young.You poured water into the back of the cabinet, and it ran into the sink. It also came with a separate oven that had a rotisserie turkey in it. I loved it to death. I like that your set comes with tofu and smoke!

    • Nessa

      That Deluxe Dream Kitchen is worth a ton of money now, I’ve been looking for an affordable one for years without success. I haven’t given up yet, though.