14 Responses to “Telescoping “Space Queen” 1950’s travel trailer”

  1. Allee Willis

    OMG, this is so completely fantastic!!! I can’t believe I never saw one of these before. I guess it didn’t sell very well because it couldn’t get under bridges. Who would want a nice tall house only to have to collapse it every time you traveled? With this said, I would kill for this to be sitting in my driveway right now.

    • Mark Milligan

      thanks for the Classique d’Camembert!

      Sad that the writers of “I Love Lucy” or some other sitcom of the 50’s didn’t get hold of this for an episode. We might see them in many driveways today!

  2. Mark Blackwell

    nice find, mark!!! yeah, i’d love to see the interior – i can’t find any photos of it beyond the ones above…

  3. Mark Milligan

    I actually own a travel trailer. It’s not vintage, but it’s fun to stay in it. I don’t pull it but maybe once a year because it sits on 10 acres near Breckenridge, Colorado at almost 11,000 ft. above sea level and acts as a “cabin.”

    I did have a vintage Avion, a ’62 (sort of a knock-off Airstream) with a pink bathtub and turquoise kitchen counters, and yellow appliances. A hail storm so heavily damaged it, that I decided to sell it about 12 years ago. Oh well.

    I’m trying to decide now if I’m going to buy an old airstream and have it reconditioned, or just buy one that’s already been done. Ebay has a couple vintage 50’s travel trailers right now that make my eyes water.

    • Mark Milligan

      I agree the old Avion was fun, but I spent a lot of time do-it-yourselfing on that one, the late model is really care-free, if esthetically boring.

      thanks for those web sites, those are great!