2 Responses to “Can’t help but get an SNL vibe with this one…”

  1. Allee Willis

    This artwork is INSANE! Putting that big Jesus sign in front of the piano as opposed to on the wall is really nutty. This kind of wispy watercolor style always makes me fidgety.

    There’s something really out of proportion about Clegg’s legs. Like they’re too skinny or too long or something. Then again, he looks like a wolf man so I guess anything goes.

    The most astounding thing about this is that it says that these are “original songs as sung and played in their illustrated gospel concerts”. Which means that their live performances featured projected crazy illustrations such as this. Which also means that either Clegg or Margo drew this cover.

    I absolutely have to find out more about Clegg & Margo Rees!

    • MyFunCloset

      Before the MAC computer in the 80’s, great for preparing LP cover designs, this looks more like the color layout BEFORE the final photo and typesetting was completed. The client either ran out of money and worked with what he had, or it was created as a high school art project by the boss’s kid. Based on the letter spacing and the awkward illustration, I think it’s the later.
      Either way, it just achieved its highest honor. Kudos to the artist.