6 Responses to “Trial of the Century buttons”

  1. Allee Willis

    I was as hooked on that trial as anyone in the world! Was at a low point, well, more of a transition point, in my career and have to tv tuned to the trial and aftermath every second. So you are not alone!

    Here’s the watch: is this the same one you had? https://www.alleewillis.com/awmok/kitschenette/2010/07/24/o-j-police-chase-watch/

    And here’s an smashing handmade OJ Trial chess set: https://www.alleewillis.com/awmok/kitschenette/2009/09/19/oj-trial-of-the-century-chess-set/

  2. ginger

    I don’t think that’s the same watch. If I’m not mistaken, the one I got was just the Bronco being chased by a police car, and there were numbers, not highway signs, and no OJ face.

    I sent Judge Ito a mug and he sent me a thank you letter.

  3. k2dtw

    We were all there with OJ… will never get over that trial…
    Anyone watch Phil Spector???… I loved the Phil Spector music, and now wondering when did he go so nuts???… We didn’t get much of the Phil Spector trial here…only what we could find to read… We couldn’t believe it when Dr. Henry Lee from OJ fame showed up at the trial… We were doing lots of hair jokes…and who they would cast to play the characters in the movie… and we did the “Dr Lee” stick on nail jokes…if the acrylic doesn’t stick, you must acquit…smile All so bad I know, but we thought we were very funny at the time…