2 Responses to “Kapa’a, Hawaii storefront art”

  1. Allee Willis

    These kind of handmade, wooden signs get me every time. I, of course, love the fact that the name of the store is TLC Boutique although the fact that nothing is painted in the little word balloons leads me to think that perhaps that’s not the name of the store. Anything goes if the artist/store owner forgot to fill in those words, giving the text balloons so much prominence . Perhaps these are just two lovely shoppers are just commenting on the fact that the boutique takes the tender loving care. These are the kind of mysteries that make kitsch well worth pursuing.

  2. Mark Milligan

    Oh, the owner told me she just hadn’t gotten around to putting words on them yet.

    She said her husband wanted her to put “Hawaii’s Best” on them, because they had won a local award for being one of the best stores on Kauai. I could tell she was hesitant to put that on them, hence nothing on them. Telling me what her husband wanted, she then said, “so, we’ll see.”

    It’s a clothing consigment store.