Supah Tacky Planter Collection

Submitted by supah August 14th, 2010
Certifikitsch WinnerClassique d Camembert

I’ve been collecting tacky planters for about 10 years. They’re really fun and inexpensive (most cost about $12.00). People don’t seem to collect them like the famous head planters, but I love them all the more because they are overlooked. Thanks for checking them out!

The one which started the collection was the bowling man:

I imagine he was a prize at a bowling tournament.

Since the bowling man, I’ve been able to find the most fun and kitsch treasures at, garage sales, ebay, and donations from kind friends. Here are a few, enjoy!

A SHRINER! I have found him a few times while shopping, so you can probably find one too!Gimmie a hand! (I use this hand for a model in many of my etsy store items – it has a hole in the center of the palm for a plant to grow out of – weird, huh?)This is not a pipe. No, really, it isn’t!

A perpetual birthday greeting! It’s never not your birthday – or happy!

Iridescent pixie & bunny with gold accents!

There are many many things on logs in tacky planter land:

The twin teens are my faves. They cost a bit more than the rest (around $35.00 for both), but were so worth it.

This one can be used as a wallpocket – home sweet home. And a crack house!

The basketball dudes were a rare find. The background is a weird minty green color representing the gym. Perfect!

And, this one’s for Allee: a bellbottomed teen musician-

(back view)
Bar fellas:
No separation of church & state in tacky planter land:

5 Responses to “Supah Tacky Planter Collection”

  1. Allee Willis

    This is a seriously incredible planter collection. One is better than the next. I’ve seen a lot of planters in my day and each and every one in this collection is completely unique. Really exceptional and Camembert worthy!

    Do you have any other planters and do you still collect them? What else do you collect?

  2. Michael Ely

    Incredible collection! I love them all, especially the bowling man and the pipe! God help me, everytime I see a collection like this, I want to start collecting the same thing. Problem is that I’m running out of space. Even my garage is filled to the rafters with boxes and boxes of stuff. This is why I like Allee’s museum, because I can come here and enjoy looking at stuff without having to collect it all!

  3. Nessa

    Wow! You have a great collection! I have a cow just like yours, but otherwise I haven’t seen any of these before. I really like bowling guy and the bar fellas.