If Fonzie was a packet of ketchup…

Submitted by Kyle Dayton August 16th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

…he might look like this.

Born to be wild, it’s the Heinz Ketchup “Leader of the Packets” advertising bean bag. Standing just 6 1/2″ tall, and 7 1/2″ wide from hand to hand, with fully embroidered features and wearing a very cool black pleather jacket, all he needs is a set of wheels and he’s outta here. (Did you know that for the role of Fonzie on Happy Days, Henry Winkler never learned to ride a motorcycle. The bike was mounted on a piece of wood and was pulled to create the illusion that the Fonz was actually riding. The actor had a severe case of dyslexia which wasn’t diagnosed until he was in his thirties, and his brain couldn’t coordinate how to operate the clutch, throttle and brake in order to ride). Just proves that a person can still live a full and successful life, even with such a potentially debilitating condition. Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

8 Responses to “If Fonzie was a packet of ketchup…”

  1. Allee Willis

    Was this made back in the Happy Days days? It looks newer but then why would they be making a Fonz doll now? Whatever its birthdate this is as kitschy as it comes! Wrapping a leather jacket around a cloth packet makes no sense at all. I would have rather if Heinz made little leather jackets that you could keep your little plastic ketchup packets in. I always save those when they come with delivery food as I’m always running out of ketchup.

    I love learning that fact about Henry Winkler. I love even more that it was this dorky but wonderful doll that gave us the opportunity of learning this.

    • Kyle Dayton

      I’ve always heard that most huge corporations are out of touch with the buying public, and generally lag behind the trends. Since that famous rock and roll tune was written decades ago, and Happy Days ended quite a while ago, too, I guess it’s true.

      • k2dtw

        It speaks to me… I love humor and advertising that is created with a retro feel???… I love the “Mad Men Style” ad’s that run during “Mad Men”…It just cracks me up.???..
        I think it’s great that The Fonz and Happy Days are now alive and well on TV Land…hopefully new generations will enjoy???
        I love how music styles go on forever…The Divine Miss Bette Midler shares her love for the fabulous “Shangri-Las” when she does “Leader of the Pack”… I don’t know if it’s because of the demographic of her audience… or if it just works so well for “The Harlettes,” her fabulous back-up singers???… Whatever their reasons, I love it…and I’m always so happy to hear the music.. And I love the Heinz Leader of the Packets… I think it’s very creative…smile
        Thanks again for sharing the great post…

        • Kyle Dayton

          Thank you too, k2dtw. Before I add any dolls or characters to the collection, they’ve got to pass the “Do I Like It?” test. This ad doll makes me smile.

  2. k2dtw

    He’s so cool… So much work…WOW..
    Heinz..Leader of the Packet’s …brilliant

    The Fonz made a car show appearance here when he was HUGE.. No one wrote him any “Fonzie words/lines”… so all he had was his “HEY”.. After about 10 times or so…I started to feel sorry for him…you just knew he wanted to go back to his Hotel…smile

    • Kyle Dayton

      I can just imagine a classically trained actor (as is Mr. Winkler) having to recite just one word over and over again! And not really a word so much as an utterance of sound. Poor guy, he probably wanted nothing more than to burst into Shakespearean sonnet.