Submitted by k2dtw August 20th, 2010
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Saw these beauties Up-North in Petoskey and Harbor Springs Mi, hope they bring them down state for the “Woodward Ave. Dream Cruise” this Saturday, Aug 21, 2010…
The one day event has grown to a week long celebration. All week they cruise Woodward from Ferndale to Pontiac, Mi. and great vintage Car Clubs sponsor FAB Mini Car Shows all along Woodward Ave.
They always have so many FABULOUS CARS thru here…the Beach Boys “Little Deuce Coupe” has a great Detroit Connection…
Allee did you ever “Cruise” Woodward from the Totem Pole to Ted’s Drive-In???
Was there a “Richard’s Drive-In” on 8 Mile??.. My best girlfriend had a older sister who couldn’t go “out for a drive” unless she took her little sister with her…and that would included me…YEA.. She was so annoyed with us…but we didn’t care…smile..

4 Responses to “F.O.B. DETROIT…”

  1. Allee Willis

    Every single car staggeringly beautiful and all from beautiful Detroit!!!

    I don’t know if I remember Teds Drive-In but I definitely remember the Totem Pole. Don’t remember Richards Drive-In on 8 Mile. I do remember the Big Boy on 6 Mile though.

  2. Mark Milligan

    When I was a kid I was all about corvettes.
    Something happened, and now a ’55-’56 T-bird like that green one make me almost tear up. Fantastic pictures.

  3. k2dtw

    Thanks Mark… They are really something, we were thrilled just to get to see them.
    The Detroit Woodward Ave Dream Cruise is this Sat, they are reporting now that it has become the largest Cruise in the Country…they are coming in from all over.. A famous LA restoration company brought in some of their cars from TV and Film, including the ’59 Cadillac Ambulance from GhostBusters… It’s really amazing to see so many cars and how beautifully they have all been restored to their pristine Dream Cruise condition.
    Hope you were able to watch the youtube video on the Beach Boys “Little Deuce Coupe”.. It’s a great story…that will touch your heart…smile.. Thanks Again..