Vintage Hotel Signs on Wilcox Avenue in Hollywood

Submitted by denny August 21st, 2010
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I took these while running around the heat of a very hot LA day. It was worth it as I finally was able to shoot these fabulous signs. What I would love even more is to know the year these hotels were built. My personal favorite is “Hotel Mark Twain”.

Wilcox is had a handful of these old hotels.

Hotel Mark Twain.

Hotel Mark Twain.

No name, just “Hotel”.

This hotel is not on Wilcox but it’s one of the more famous old hotels in LA.

15 Responses to “Vintage Hotel Signs on Wilcox Avenue in Hollywood”

  1. Allee Willis

    The Hotel Roosevelt is only a short distance from Wilcox, right on Hollywood Boulevard just west of Highland. There are still some incredible old hotels around there, most of them run down but still with incredible signage and often times with great architecture.

    I love the combination of the pink and light blue on the Mark Twain Hotel. My high school in Detroit, Mumford, was the same color scheme. I actually wrote about it in a piece I had in the Detroit blog in Time magazine this week:

  2. Lisa Rios

    Wonderful record collector shows used to go on at the Roosevelt Hotel. Because all the record companies are all around, you could find all the best vinyl in that area.

    Off topic…. the Capital building parking lot used to house the best record swap meets of all time. You used to be able to find the rarest old records or brand new cut outs, all at great prices. When that show started out it was at 9am on Sunday mornings. The popularity grew so much, so quickly, that before long people began mulling around at midnight the night before, dealers and buyers both. Those were the days.

    Enjoyed seeing all the old hotel signs. That’s truly what Hollywood looks like.

  3. denny

    Lisa – I used to go to record shows but the ones I went to were in a hotel on Sunset. I missed out on the ones you mention here.

    • Mark Milligan

      Cool. I’m going to drive by them next week to take a look myself.
      I drive through Koreatown a lot when I stay at the Bonaventure. You’ve captured that area well!

      • denny

        Lisa, you are right! It was the Hyatt. I couldn’t remember….

        Mark – Go to WIlcox Avenue near Amoeba. Lots of great signage.

        Doug – I LOVE The Roosevelt Hotel. Such an incredible building.