Kitschy TV Lamp

Submitted by Nessa August 26th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

I got this super-kitschy TV lamp base at an antique shop this weekend, it has no light in it, but I aim to fix that asap. I’ve seen this lamp before, always with a hole in the middle for the lamp/kitschy tiered shade to go through the middle, but this one has no hole and is only made to have a light in the bottom to glow through the holes… I guess the middle was for a dresser tray or fake flowers or something. I apologize for the crummy photographs, this thing was so BRIGHT my camera couldn’t handle the shine.

All aboard the Kitsch Barge!

Usually when you see this lamp, the girl is playing an instrument, but here she’s relaxing with just a fan. Also the painting is MUCH worse than usual which leads me to believe that maybe this was a lower-priced version of this very popular lamp… I have no clue.

See? No hole inside for the usual lamp to come through, so I’m not sure what it’s for, would make a good hot tub for dolls, I suppose.

This lamp is marked Premco Mfg. Co. of Chicago, they made a lot of TV Lamps. But I’ve heard this design was “borrowed” by other manufacturers as well. I have never seen one without the lamp base in the middle and I have never seen one with such a slap-dash painting job… but you just never know with this sort of thing.

Also, it weighs a TON. Keep it by your bed to throw at intruders!

3 Responses to “Kitschy TV Lamp”

  1. Allee Willis

    You know I love the mutants so fine for me that there’s no hole and the paint’s a mess. In parts it looks like the glaze is too thin, like the hair, and in other places it’s worn down. The messier the kitschier, especially in an otherwise well known design.

    It looks too deep to be an ashtray so maybe it’s just a little vase/ tray kind of thing. Is that a separate compartment in the middle?

    • Nessa

      Yeah, the dish-part in the middle has two higher-up sections and a deeper section in the middle. The edges along the trench in the middle are really rough, bumpy, and almost look chipped, but I think it’s just factory-original cheapness.