9 Responses to “TV personality coloring books …”

  1. Allee Willis

    All completely stunning and gorgeous!

    I own the Janet Lennon one. I got it at the same time I found a box of Lennon Sisters paper dolls. I don’t own any of the other books pictured here but all are completely collectible and wonderful.

    Out of curiosity, do you remember what they were charging? I just found a My Three Sons coloring book of the same vintage for $3 but I know that some dealers charge crazy high prices for them.

    Whitman was THE publisher of these tv coloring books and fiction books to match.

    • MyFunCloset

      I love the 60’s simplicity & colorful graphics.Though the coloring books were selling for a 2 to 3 dollars each, all had that basement musty smell from years of poor storage. Even on the final sale day no one was interested. Capturing the image is odor free.

      • Allee Willis

        Yeah, it’s such a drag when that happens. If I’m really lusting for them and they’re cheap I get them, leave them outside for a few days (bring them in at night), then gas them with Lysol, leave them out for a few more days and then stick them in plastic bags which I stick in plastic tubs and leave them at my storage garage. I have to LOVE something before I do that though.

        • MyFunCloset

          Wait, you mean the steps you described will take the mustiness out of poorly stored paper that’s been left for dead? And it really works?

          • Allee Willis

            Yes with a touch of no. The musty smell gets replaced by a Lysol smell. That fades over time but it’s definitely there for a while. Also, you have to carefully pick a page to test it on. I do a light spray, mostly to stop any mold from happening. But you have to really watch the first page you do to make sure it doesn’t run. I’ve never had one run but it seems like it would be a possibility. Also, it’s a slow process as you don’t want the pages sticking together. So I only do one front and back at a time. Again, I have to really LOVE the piece to go to this much effort but I’ve saved several things this way.

  2. windupkitty

    wow, it’s so sad to hear these were moldy..i’m glad i wasn’t at this sale.i would’ve been so tempted…i go crazy for brightly colored vintage cartoon stuff.i ill just always have a kid’s taste……i even get tortured going into toy stores! how many times should an adult have to talk herself out of life sized stuffed animals??? kinda sad! :)

  3. MyFunCloset

    I heard fresh kitty litter might work too. I haven’t tried it. It’s a trial and error process. Ever heard of this option removing the musty odor?