Kids’ Beer

Submitted by Nessa September 1st, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

Japan, though a fairly conservative place, is a little less hung up about some things than Americans. Drinking beer, for instance. Along those lines comes Kids’ Beer!

When you pour Kids’ Beer, it foams, bubbles and gets a froth on the top, and really.. looks exactly like real beer. However, when you drink it, you find it’s a delightful apple-flavored soda drink, and it contains no alcohol whatsoever. It is actually a good prop for when actors have to drink on stage but can’t have alcohol, it looks real. I don’t know if anyone but me has ever thought about using it for that reason….

I have heard snuffs of indignant outrage from certain folks that a product like this exists, but I think it’s harmless and fun. Also, it tastes really good. I recommend it.

The Japanese on the label translates literally to “Kids’ Drink”, but it’s fake beer. I love how the “boy label” version drinks his beer out of a sturdy-looking glass, while the girl is drinking hers out of a little dainty glass. I believe it also comes in cans and a “dark ale” version. I am not sure if it is still in production… this bottle is kind of old so I’m afraid to drink it, but I probably will anyway. If I pour it, I’ll make sure to take a pic of what it looks like in the glass.

One Response to “Kids’ Beer”

  1. Allee Willis

    Fantastic! I never knew this existed. I would think that many kids would want to chug this right down.

    i love the boy’s hair. Close cropped 60’s Afro.

    Is the bottle the size of a regular beer bottle or smaller?

    If you ever pour it, yes please! on that photo opp.