My yiddishe grand-momele, and her tchochkes

Submitted by MeshuggaMel September 4th, 2010
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last in the series from my grandmother’s house, the items around the house that weren’t easily categorized by theme or location. First, a painting by Tibor David at the upstairs landing by the living room. Growing up, how I wished to have the view the bird has. Judging from the lovely lass’ profile, I suspect he has good reason to be smiling. Also note the wallpaper – this is flocked wallpaper that was painted over due to damage from ceiling repairs. If I remember correctly, it was white with gold.

Aztec sun. It’s a couple of feet across, mounted high on the wall above the entrance to the kitchen. Apparently my parents gave this to my grandparents as a gift; circa 1970.

painting by my mom hanging over side table in dining room

front entry, from the top of the stairs by the Tibor David painting.

Chinese dragon dog guarding the dining room

Peter Max poster – I think this is one of several he did for the American Cancer Society. Across the top, it reads “Life is beautiful – stay alive – don’t smoke cigarettes” which is folded over out of sight.

bookshelf in Jungle Room. The upper painting and rabbi/wife sculptures my mom did; the forest scene I think my grandmother did.

Also in the Jungle Room, deco dressers, mod lamps, and two more paintings by my mom

My daughter Sasha posing next to a photo of my mom and uncle from when my mom was about my daughter’s age. Family resemblance?

My grandparent’s wedding picture, from the 1930s. Funny story from their honeymoon – they went to the Catskills, where on the last day, they went for a ride with another couple. They sat in the rumble seat, and my grandmother wound up with a terrible sunburn on her thighs. When they arrived back in NYC at her parents’ house, her mother saw her limping up to the house with her legs spread apart, she came to a very different conclusion about how her daughter came to be unable to walk with her legs together and started yelling at my grandfather until he could explain the more wholesome source of my grandmother’s bow-legged gait.

Palm tree painting by my grandmother:

painting by my mom in the hallway bathroom

my grandmother’s family were in the dairy business. this is a cap from one of their milk bottles

one of the matching pair of love seats in the rec room conversation pit

laundry hamper and matching garbage pail

metal storks minding the front stairs

finally, said metal storks keeping the riff raff out

5 Responses to “My yiddishe grand-momele, and her tchochkes”

  1. Allee Willis

    That first painting is really surreal with touches of psychedelia and cartoon.Lots of sexual stuff going on too. And the fact that flocked wallpaper has been painted over is giving me heart palpitations.

    I own one of the Aztek suns. Though it sits outside on one of the palms and is a little rusty.

    Love mom’s painting echoing the shapes of the pieces on the marble table.

    The view from the top of the stairs is KILLING ME. How many stories is the house and how many rooms?

    Peter Max poster is great And I’m not the world’s biggest Peter Max fan.

    Love all the family artwork. What’s the swirly double cupcake thing with wheels on it on top of the books? Mom’s paintings in the 50’s wood frames, especially hung right next to each other, also kill me. Thermometer is nice touch too.

    Excellent Sasha photo!!

    Beauuuuuutiful hand tinted wedding photo. Bow legged story makes it even better.

    Love the palms and Modigliani inspired long neck gal.

    PLOTZING from the milk cap and the fact that that was their business!!

    Love that the loveseats are still around. EXCELLENT upholstery.


    Need sedation for the metal storks. And what they’re warding off.

  2. k2dtw

    Love this post..
    Our beautiful little 1930’s bride and her long LACE gown is just breathtaking… Wondering if she could even throw that gorgeous bouquet???…smile
    Beautiful Sasha posing with her Grandmothers photo is a wonderful family picture…

  3. Mark Milligan

    Mel this is what makes AWMOK so great.

    I just sat here and read out loud to my wife Cyndi the story about your Grandparent’s return from the Catskills. I laughed until I had tears streaming down my cheeks!

    We had grandparents in the dairy business too, but in the midwest.

    I love the family resemblance in the picture with your daughter.

    Thanks a million for sharing all of this, we so miss our grandparents, and wish we could go back and document their homes and furnishings.

  4. denny

    I’m dying over the Peter Max poster and the floral laundry hampers! Geez, absolutely amazing! It’s about time more people put themselves in their posts!