Raquel Welch Socks

Submitted by denny September 17th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

These just kill me. The socks belong to my on-line friend, Billy Gallo and I could not resist posting them! The socks were purchased 6 years ago.

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      • windupkitty

        haha! wow! you guys are lucky to have each other, huh!?! I’m a huge fan! thanks to Earth Girls are Easy, I’m never alone when i’m sick in bed…just loop it on my laptop and lie there drooling,half conscious, but entirely comforted by the fact that there is kitsch happening nearby! Never got to see much of her show save for at friends’ houses since I’ve never had cable,which is unfortunate, but LOVE,LOVE,LOVE her, her songs and pretty much everything she does!