Caboodle Ranch Cat Village

Submitted by Mark Blackwell September 20th, 2010
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Craig Grant’s “Caboodle Ranch” in Pontre Vedra Beach, Florida is the purr-fect homestead for hundreds of wayward kitties – complete with a mini WalMart, a City Hall, and cul de sacs of brightly colored cat condos.

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Caboodle Ranch videos:

3 Responses to “Caboodle Ranch Cat Village”

  1. Allee Willis

    I’m absolutely wild about this place!! I went to a party once in Malibu, I can’t remember whose place it was, and they had a little two-story/twelve room motel, each story 4′ high, for stray dogs. It was the cutest thing I ever saw and I’ve never gotten over the fantasy of having that same kind of travel lodge as by is okaypart of Willis Wonderland one day.

    Look how happy and fat all the kitties are in the last photo. That one laying on the slanted roof kills me.

  2. windupkitty

    Wow, this is the coolest rescue sanctuary ever!!!!! Some of us AWMOKers were talking about this place awhile back on Facebook (where I spend no time) but I never checked it out!!!!!! Wow, thanks for posting this Mark!!! Man, if my landlord weren’t such a (oh, can’t say that here) I’d be building a place like this immediately! Actually this is kinda my dream for my human sanctuary too! A handful of friends and I have already made the pact: whoever wins the lottery first, builds the compound for all of us so we can be neighbors…..

    Those are some seriously happy and lucky cats!!! I lvoe that guy on the roof too!!!! He’s tring his best to tell us how wonderful his house is!!!!!