4 Responses to “Ethel Merman starring in “Ethel’s Ridin’ High” – LP art”

  1. Allee Willis

    Got to give Ethyl credit for mounting a horse, albeit wooden, let alone making a disco LP in ’79. Do you know what year this was made?

    I love the art direction, especially the way the back of Ethel’s dress is blurred into the clouds. I think one of her relatives must have done this pre-Photoshop job because it’s so awkwardly done.

    Do you know what songs does she sings?

  2. Mark Milligan

    Denny this is one of those things that I keep coming back to because it just seems so over the top. The last time I thought of her was when I rented “It’s a Mad Mad Mad World” last year, a 1963 movie. She was one of a kind!

  3. denny

    I heard (strictly gossip mind you) that Ethel used to keep a bottle of poppers in her purse. When I heard that, it made me love her even more.