Submitted by k2dtw September 29th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

I loved the great shot of the Flamingo’s in the film “Out of Africa”…smile..
My collection didn’t come out of Africa…they came out of the many US Ceramic Factories, Artist Studios in California, England and Japan….smile
I have been collecting Flamingo’s (the epitome of kitsch) for years. It started when I became enamored by ceramic glaze, when I first started collecting Fiesta. Then when we started going to Art Deco Weekend in Miami’s South Beach, I discovered and fell in love with ceramic Flamingo’s. Depending on who makes them, they all have a very different shaded glaze.
Miami has tons of crazy unique shops, a great flea market on Lincoln Road, and you can find amazing Kitsch being sold during Art Deco Weekend, at the huge flea market that always sets-up on South Beach.

One Response to “OUT OF AFRICA….”

  1. Allee Willis

    What a fantastic collection!

    I used to have a lot of flamingos but now I’m just down to two 1930’s concrete ones that came out of a front yard in Miami Beach. I weaned off of flamingos because they became such a symbol of the 50’s and so many cheap repros were made out of the wrong materials and in the wrong color pink (none of which I see among your collection!) and people kept giving them to me as gifts. But you have the real deal! and

    Would LOVE to see some of them up close so please post your favorites as separate submissions. Mmm, I hope I don’t start picking up on flamingos again. I can see a whole family of them sitting around my giant concrete ones.